November / December 2014

Avenging Angel
With his latest venture, tech startup veteran Naval Ravikant hopes to reshape the very industry that once burned him

November / December 2013

Data Detectives
Forensic Logic offers crime fighters across the nation a valuable new weapon: access to more information

September / October 2013

The Navigator
Alexandra Bernadotte, founder of the nonprofit Beyond 12, uses Silicon Valley tools to guide underprivileged students through higher education

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Spring 2010

Create a Neighborhood Clubhouse
For three years, artists Ted Purves and Susanne Cockrell ran a store that sold nothing and it was a wild success. Advice on how to make it happen from The GOOD Guide to Better Neighborhoods

Fall 2009

Crap Caper
In Chicago, Humble Pile’s illegal cache of human waste is tomorrow’s gardening gold

July / August 2008

Beautiful Messes
A travel guide to man-made disasters

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August 2013

The Light of Knowledge
How Yong Ju Lee and Brian Brush took a design mistake and made it the handsome centerpiece of their 70-foot interactive LED artwork

January 2009

Art from the Sole
Susan Danis says yes to the universe. Even when it makes her a bed with a blanket of shoes

August 2008

Shock and Awesome
Saws pop out of the floor, cement sacks tumble from the sky; Kristof Kintera likes his art to make you a little nervous

May 2008

Auto Erotic
After five ratchet-welding years, Liz Cohen has created a lawnmower that transforms into an El Camino

April 2008

Fin Art
Fish fanatic Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard is hooked on the drama of the diorama

February 2008

Beautiful Beans
Gooey and good for you, the easiest way to score the Japanese trend-food natto is to make it yourself

November 2006

The Secret Life of Death Clouds
Artist Matt Jones steers a giant, inflatable orca through a stand of cacti and survives

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October 14, 2015

Where to Go in Rio Vermelho, Brazil
Salvador’s trendiest neighborhood has cobblestone streets, plentiful beaches, and plenty of stylish hotels, music venues, art spaces, and restaurants

March 19, 2015

In Berkeley’s Warehouses, Foodies Find a New Home
Long a DIY answer to San Francisco’s Design District, West Berkeley is now attracting innovative culinary entrepreneurs looking to spread their wings

May 30, 2010

Tastings with Craft Beers
A special breed of bar makes it its mission to educate and refine beer drinkers’ palates

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July 4, 2016

Teaching Driverless Cars Whom to Kill
When the worst happens, should autonomous vehicles protect passengers or pedestrians?

June 7, 2016

Massive Space Antenna Will Catch Gravitational Waves
Gold and platinum cubes floating millions of miles apart could record colliding universes right after the Big Bang

March 24, 2016

Yeast and Bacteria, Cocoa’s Most Important Ingredients?
The geographic diversity of cacao yeast far outpaces that of wine grapes

February 12, 2016

New App Turns Phones into Earthquake Alert System
Scientists want to build the world’s largest earthquake sensor using the billions of smartphones we collectively carry in our pockets

February 8, 2016

This Robot Cockroach Could Be a Lifesaver
Cockroaches know how to navigate confined spaces—Researchers copied them to build a palm-sized robot they say could crawl through rubble at disaster sites to find survivors

February 1, 2016

Was Culture Prehistoric Humans’ Killer App?
Researchers’ model suggests that humans could have wiped out the Neanderthals with the power of culture

January 19, 2014

A Buffalo Wing and a Prayer
A documentary film crew puts its digestive systems on the line in a hunt for New York state’s best wing

October 18, 2013

A Screen With Fewer holes
A new cervical cancer screening device that gives quick results could save millions of lives

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August, 2013

L.A. Confluential
For 75 years, the L.A. River was cemented over and largely forgotten, except for an occasional movie cameo. Now the waterway is cast in a new role: a place to dip your paddle

September, 2011

San Francisco Bay Area’s best bike routes
Four great rides around the bay area

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July 2016

Highway 395: Your Route to the Sierra’s Secret Wonders
Beat the summer crowds and hightail it to the eastern side of California’s famous mountains

April 2016

Best Scenic Hikes in the East Bay
A small effort leads to big beautiful payoffs in three East Bay regional parks

June 2015

Tomales Bay’s Glowing Waters
On moonless nights, lights of another kind enchant evening kayakers along the California coast

September / October 2014

Where to next?
Three sensational travel experiences that are trending right now: Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, the Canadian Rockies by Rail, and the Danube River by boat

March / April 2014

Buenos Aires’s Creative Twist
Passion and invention dance cheek to cheek in the Paris of South America

July 2013

Beer Pairings in the West
Beer, like wine, enhances the food’s flavors. Try these combinations in California, Oregon, and Idaho

May / June 2013

Doughnuts Go Gourmet
New flavors for a familiar pastry

January / February 2013

How to Remove a Bumper Sticker
Stick with it and you’ll persevere

November / December 2012

Tastes of Tomales Bay
An hour north of the Golden Gate, amid some of California’s sweetest sights, find briny oysters, buttery pastries, and savory cheeses

March / April 2010

S.F. to L.A.: Fly or drive?
Is it cheaper, faster, safer, and more environmentally responsible to fly or drive between San Francisco and Los Angeles? See the numbers and how the calculations were made

July / August 2009

The Awe in Utah
The largest man-made excavation on Earth has a visitors center. And explosions! [Had a visitors center—it has since collapsed in a landslide]

March / April 2009

Man of the Rush Hour
Author Tom Vanderbilt explains what makes “safe” roads especially dangerous

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December, 2013

Tearing down the Bay Bridge and the San Clemente Dam
As difficult to dismantle as they are to build

August, 2013

Infographic: How Global Warming Will Change the Face of Winemaking
Hot grapes of the future

October 2010

Home Wreckers: Crash Testing Buildings With Manufactured Disaster
In a massive bunker somewhere in South Carolina, an insurance institute is wreaking havoc in the name of your safety

June 2008

Pump Up the Ham
Pressure cookers reviewed

April 2008

Acid Trip
Vitriolic artists use a vat of the sulfuric stuff to harness sonoluminescence

February 2008

Found: Tattoo of the Future
Ink that glows? It could happen!

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April 2007

Tigrics: Hungarian Heart
Problem child Róbert Bereznyei loves music’s ridiculousness factor

October 2006

Jan Jelinek: Sowing Wild Oats
A master of the sequencer finds a new passion in improvisation

June / July 2006

Black Dice: Blood & Guts
Eric Copeland talks about 130 pages of the most psychedelic noise you’ve ever seen

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