Bay Area editor Eric Smillie helps publications and writers find and tell compelling, exciting stories. He first fell in love with this work at the Slovak Spectator, where he copyedited reporters writing in English as a second language; they knew the country, he knew which prepositions to put where.

Later, as a senior editor at Medical Daily, he and staff writers created sharp features and snappy daily news that earned millions of monthly views. While contributing editor at VIA magazine, he assigned cover stories, front-of-the-book sections, and the lead articles for an email newsletter reaching 1.2 million people. He was a fact checker at Wired and has helped companies develop copyediting standards and conceive new publications.

As a writer, Eric has investigated how kayakers helped win Clean Water Act protections for the Los Angeles River. He also examined how global warming might remake wine regions. He profiled an artist who poses dead fish in elaborate dioramas and an entrepreneur who is reinventing venture capitalism. He tracks the latest developments in craft beer and space exploration with equal passion.